Doing an adventure is always fun, and giving that adventure a purpose is even better, isn’t it? Dr. Hitendra Mahajan & Dr. Mahendra Mahajan has always been an inspiration for cyclists, as they were the first Asians to complete the world’s toughest Race Across America! After their success, many cyclists got the inspiration to get serious about cycling and do more endurance rides. Their upcoming challenge is the unique mission of Sea To Sky, where they will be starting to ride their cycles from Gateway of India, Mumbai till Kathmandu, Nepal and climb the mighty, Mt. Everest!

In their route, they will be doing workshops and demonstrations to create awareness about CPR! This life saving technique is the first-aid for a person suffering from heart attack, and they have taken this initiative to spread awareness of both, healthy living and CPR.

2 Replies to “Ep.8 Pedaling To The Skies | ft. Mahajan Bros.”

  1. Its a real life motivation…. Not just fitness goals but many more life skills. Its a blend of sane humanism…..

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