Crowdfunding enables people to change people’s lives

Changemakers in todays society are not just those who get on the field and work towards bringing a change. They are also the ones who enable the latter to do it… They Bridge the gap of Intent and Impact!
Our guest, Varun Sheth is one such change maker who has been an instrument in fulfilling dreams of so many, through his platform, Ketto. He is among the coveted Forbes List of 30under30 2017, and 40under40 2018, and he is here to motivate a lot of youth in this country to bring a change.

Crowdfunding as a concept is an age old practice, where small contributions from large number of people are taken to fund a cause… The same concept has been taken to the online mode by Varun and his team at Ketto, through which people can create a campaign, it can be as small as asking contribution for some stuff to donating to a needy to even funding a company for a project and the contributor or donors can fund that campaign with a sum as low as hundred rupees!

If you know what you want to do, people will help you

Having a goal and vision is important which needs to get conveyed in the campaign.

The campaigner should have a clear understanding about purpose of raising funds. People who need will always get help from the society and many have completed their campaigns in a short span since they had conveyed very distinctly about their cause.

Ketto had raised about 2 crore rupees recently for the Kerala Relief Fund during the recent Floods within 15 days! The platform has proven a great way to help NGOs as there are people who want to help for such causes, however they don’t know whom to approach…. There are several NGOs , people who have had need for medical treatment, kids who couldn’t continue education, have benefited through the platform!

The Idea was rejected by more than 100 Investors

The concept of online crowdfunding did not exist and the investors doubted the concept completely.

Ketto was started in 2013 by Varun, bollywood actor Kunal Kapoor and Zaheer Adenwala, at a time when E-commerce companies were at a boom, not many people even knew about the concept of Crowdfunding. Over the period the platform has constantly evolved as the consumers have also evolved. Varun says that, crowdfunding as a industry has a very bright future and will only grow bigger as more the people become aware about the other utilities of the internet and the netizens must get more matured about the uses of the internet.

Being a youth icon, he strongly believes that the youth has a lot of power to shape the future of our country and we ended the conversation on a very pumped up note for the future Changemakers,

If you want to Do it,
Start Now,
Now is the Time!

Make sure you listen to the whole podcast, coz there’s a lot more to get to know about crowdfunding.

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