Dar Ke Aage Pyar Hai

Aur Pyar ki hi Jeet Hoti Hai…

Mr. Anil Srivatsa, strongly believes in the phrase and he holds a firm belief that, the Act of Donating an organ, is nothing but an act of showing Love towards humanity.

It was four years back when his brother had a kidney failure and it was his chance to show his love towards his brother by giving him one of his kidney… It was then he realized the value of human relations and how fragile or strong can it be… Many questions came to his mind if he should give or not… primarily because, there was no concrete awareness about organ donation.

After the surgery when his family and friends planned a road trip from Bangalore to Scotland , he got an idea to turn  the adventure to an initiative to bring awareness about organ donation. The places included, schools, colleges, public gatherings and many more… And then he started the Gift of Life Adventure(GOLA) to spread awareness about this noble act of giving.

6,00,000 people in India and growing at a rate of 5000 peoeple every month suffer from kidney failure

Percentage of per Million Organ donor in India is one of the least in the world.

Many people are getting a consciousness about the issue and are filling forms  provided by the government to pledge to donate their organs when they die. While, this seems like an elated act, but in reality this pledge is of no use as according to the law it is the next kin’s consent which matters.

The major reason in our country why so less no. of participation is that there is no awareness about donating organs of the deceased family members. The reason being that people are not open about having a conversation about this as they think its not good to talk about death.

To start this conversation “The Million Donor Project”  was launched by GOLA, where the user can signup on the App with the same name and can pledge to donate their organs and choose their family members to whom this pledge would be sent through an SMS….

Intent is good, But Make it Impactful

There’s a big gap between the intent and the impact.

The app was made because many have the intention to donate their organs after their death, however, its the family’s say to fulfill that intent and bring back someone to life. Another reason for the gap is because by law, a live donor can donate only to his/her biological relatives and not to anyone else.

This is what Mr. Anil and GOLA is fighting for, where they are fighting such landmark cases to give justice to the patient by fighting for the patient’s right to live and making the court allow donors out of the recipient’s family to donate that organ .

A Brain Dead Person can donate and save 7-15 lives

GOLA gives talks at schools and colleges, so that the kids know what they should do when their family members die.

Above all, Organ Donation is an act of love, at a Macro Level, its the love for Humanity and at Micro Level, its the love for your Family.

He has himself donated a kidney and lives as an example of this great act of bringing someone back to life, or rather…. Giving someone a Second Life!

It Takes just One Thought To Bring Your Words to Action.

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