Equality, Not Charity!

The mission is that the people will start keeping their own areas clean.

Change in the society doesnt come by talking about it… Change comes when you get on the ground and uplift your kins. Taking the first step is what brings a change.

This is what our guest, Rouble Nagi has to say about bringing a change in the society.

Through her NGO, Misaal Mumbai, Ms. Rouble has been at the ground helping the poor uplift their lifestyle through Art!

Through Misaal Mumbai, Rouble has colored the lives of the slum dwellers by painting their localities.

With her team of 140 members, Rouble started the project of cleaning Dharavi and her team started cleaning the area and fixed the houses which had leakes… Made toilets where there were no toilets, and gave the locality a complete new look! But that was not her only mission, her mission was to involve the community so that they start taking control of maintaining their neighbourhood.

But thats not all… Uplifting also means empowering the people, so that they can take charge of their own lives.

Empowering the women by taking vocational classes, so that they can not just help the family with that income, but also become financially independent… Empowering the kids by painting the balwadis and schools with them, so that they get encouraged to come to the schools. Empowering the Youth, by encouraging them and giving them direction by inviting counselors and also aiding their passion and education to a great extent.

The Youth in our Country has to be Extremely Strong, Educated and on Right Path

India’s majority is the youth and they are the future, Rouble believes that giving them a sense of direction and getting close to them as a friend will help them choose the right path and also give them a morale boost for them to achieve whatever they want.

What started from Dharavi , the Misaal Mumbai team has influenced the lives of 24-25 slum localities of Mumbai with likes of Indiranagar, Patlipada in Thane to Worli Koliwada, to Jaffar Baba and Mount Mary in Bandra has now become a PAN India mission to bring a change in the lives of people across India.

Misaal Mumbai Conclave will Bridge the Gap between the Societies

In November, 2018 , Rouble has planned a mega conclave in the slums of Mumbai where the affluent people, be it Actors, Politicians, Industrialists, SportspersonĀ  across Mumbai would come and address the people of the localities and connect with them. This will be a catalyst in bridging the gap between the Rich and the Poor! It will give those people a sense that they are not different from the others and realise the value of equality and giving them a promise and confidence that their problems will be solved!

On a ending note, we asked her about the mantra for Being the Change, she said ;

If you want to DO no work is IMPOSSIBLE.

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4 Replies to “Episode 2: Being a Misaal | Rohan Thakar ft. Rouble Nagi”

  1. Rohan wonderful interview and inspiring and people need to hear this. Hats off to rouble- she is a very special soul. Your aim project will be prosperous . Superb. We all need to contribute and help each other surely. Om Shanti

  2. Misaal Mumbai conclave that is truly a very major step. Rohan fantastic interview. Rouble Nagi is a true Shakti- special soul playing her unique part . Admiration. . Well done and great work you have started. Om Shanti

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