Life is a F1 Race!

Park yourself in a Wellness Pitstop and return to the race with Your Complete Might

We have always wanted to live the perfect life, but to have that kind of life, we need to change ourselves and then can we change people and situations around us.

Our guest Mr. Nikhil Kapur, is the Founder and CEO of Atmantan Wellness Resort. He is an Ironman Triathlete and has already complete 5 IM events in the last 7 years!!

He says, people are changing the way they take vacations. From Excess Partying, Eating and Alcohol will give way to improvising their lifestyle so that they can live their life not just healthier, but also to the fullest!

Atmantan Wellness Resort is located on the serene hills of Mulshi on the banks of the gigantic Mulshi lake in the outskirts of Pune, Maharashtra.

The Resort was made with the thought of promoting the Ironman Lifestyle of this Entrepreneur along with his wife, Mrs. Sharmilee Agarwal, who is also a Pranic Healer.

He says, a week at his resort will transform the guests life inside out forever! By not just guidance from the doctors who consult you at the resort… But also the food that you have is all farm fresh and organic coming straight from his other venture, Keona Organics which deal in producing organic crops and vegetables which are rich in nutrients and chemical free!

Phones Dilute the Experience of Living Life..

Mr. Nikhil strongly believes that phones dilute the experience of living the moment and he strongly encourages one not to use cellphones in the property to have the complete Lifestyle Reset!

It is his belief that People who are successful today are because of the fact that they adopted to a new environment and they did not fear to change themselves!

When we asked him about his learning from becoming IronMan was… This is what he said…

He strongly belives that if the social support can make one take up habits like drinking alcohol, and smoking… Then similarly its the Social Support which can help you take up good habits like meditating, exercising and eating good .

Be in the Company of People who will Help you Be A BETTER YOU!

Thats from us, and listen to podcast to catch the whole conversation between both of them and get inspired to learn the art of wellness.

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