A Little about Our Origins



Ep.Log was made with a motto to make one’s commutes engaging and infotaining!

The Idea was to bring together Mavericks of their own field and creating an ecosystem to share their experiences to help people learn from them and implement it and help the world to make a better place by being the change.

It was our love for a healthy and adventurous lifestyle, which brought us together to make these shows for you, and help you get the best version out of you we promise to become your Lifestyle partner.



Ep.Log is not just a podcasting network… Its a giant Community!

Do Awesome. Be Epic.



Our Team

Rohan Thakar
Founder, Ep.Log Media

This young lad, is always looking for opportunities to share something with the world. 

What interests him the most is silence, that's his idea box to bring out new shows for Ep.Log.


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Abhijeet Thakar
Co-Founder, Ep.Log Media
Abhijeet Thakar is an entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in the media and entertainment industry. Under his leadership, several projects and people have flourished and made a name for themselves in the industry.
Mirza Saaib Beg

This super cyclist, races for Giant Starken and is its really tough to match his speed on the cycle! You can find him racing in the morning at Eastern Express Highway at 60+kph with his SuperBike, which is a cycle!

Don't go by the suit that he is wearing in this picture... He is also a Lawyer by profession and also manages to win all the races and cases!

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Varun Painter

Love for Bikes got Varun from Copyrighting to Reviewing Bikes at India's Top Automobile Publication, Powerdrift! His job includes riding the most exotic bikes of the world! 

He is known to bring life to even the most boring bikes in his reviews.